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Max Finkelstein and the Talmud of Paddling

I was out jogging in the Ottawa arboretum this afternoon, when I spotted a green heron standing on a log in a small pond trying to eat a frog. I don’t see green herons very frequently, and this one was much more concerned with the frog than with me, so I was able to watch the action at close range. It was a nice surprise since my legs were feeling quite heavy and I was happy for a break from running.

While I stood there a couple dogs came by followed by a guy with his arm in a sling. I pointed out the heron and we fell into conversation. As it turned out, this guy was Max Finkelstein noted canoeist and writer…

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Malcolm Gladwell writes brilliant books, runs fast and he just might be a nice guy too.

I was working on a story recently about the explosion in running’s popularity in the past 30 years. The participation in running events in Canada and beyond is soaring. For example, the number of people running in the Ottawa Race Weekend increased by a whopping 337% between 2000 and 2010. Many races across North America are selling out months in advance of race day. You might say that running has hit a Tipping Point…

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I got a letter from Farley Mowat today

Occasionally, when I read a book that I really like I write to the author and tell them so. This has led to some great interactions with authors that I admire.

So after reading Farley Mowat’s most recent book, Otherwise, I jotted down a few words to express my gratitude for the book and explain how and why the stories in the book moved me. Then I got ready to put the letter in the mail. Except this time I did things a little differently.

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