Max Finkelstein and the Talmud of Paddling

Max Finkelstein and the Talmud of Paddling

I was out jogging in the Ottawa arboretum this afternoon, when I spotted a green heron standing on a log in a small pond trying to eat a frog. I don’t see green herons very frequently, and this one was much more concerned with the frog than with me, so I was able to watch the action at close range. It was a nice surprise since my legs were feeling quite heavy and I was happy for a break from running.

While I stood there a couple dogs came by followed by a guy with his arm in a sling. I pointed out the heron and we fell into conversation. As it turned out, this guy was Max Finkelstein noted canoeist and writer…

Why we share stories

Recently my old friend Leeyann, whom I had not seen for 10 years, got in touch with me through my website. Besides being a wonderful person, she is a mom these days. It turns out that her two year old son, Thomas, was quite taken with some of the photos on my website, and Leeyann asked if I could send her some prints to hang in his bedroom. I was tickled happy by this idea…