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Recipe for a wolf photograph

How to take a photo of an arctic wolf – in Canoe Roots Magazine

Recently, Kaydi Pyette, the intrepid editor of Canoe Roots magazine was surfing around my website and encountered my “Recipe for a Wolf Photograph” blog. She liked it so much that she asked if she could publish it in her magazine. So pick up the latest issue and you can see it in print for yourself. You can also view it online in the spring issue of Canoe Roots…

female grizzly bear chasing a chum salmon in the Great Bear Rainforest

View From My Office Today

Today was a good day. It was the kind of day that makes a guy feel pretty darn lucky to be a bear guide. As far as jobs go, it is a good gig.

I know I waxed all eloquent about rain in my last post. And it is all true. But there is a place for sun. Especially for action shots of things like grizzlies chasing salmon…

Lusk falls in winter in Gatineau Park, Quebec

Shocking, white and wondrous

Many of us in Ottawa are getting edgy, hoping we’ll get snow soon. Without it, I daresay, there will be little to do this winter for those of us who spend our time on the ski trails of Gatineau park, skating on the Rideau canal, kite skiing or playing outdoor hockey. Winter without snow around here would be tiresome in the extreme.

So, I went hiking yesterday reluctantly, but discovered something surprising…

Cover image for youtube video on the Great Bear Rainforest

Spoil this?: Enbridge, oil and the Great Bear Rainforest.

Since the Queen of the North sank on the central coast of BC in March of 2006 people have been nervous. The ship’s massive hulk is now 1500 feet underwater, still leaking diesel into coastal waters. With that tragedy fresh in people’s mind, the looming threat of Enbridge’s Northern Gateway Pipeline Project has people on edge…

Lake Huron sunsets: a nice job perk.

One reason I have not been posting much on this blog lately is that I’ve had sporadic internet access while working in the field doing bird and amphibian surveys.

It has been a while since I’ve done some good old fashioned biology fieldwork and it is darn nice to be spending my days outdoors, away from my keyboard. Even nicer on evenings when I get sit on a beach and eat dinner while the sun sets over Lake Huron…

Why we share stories

Recently my old friend Leeyann, whom I had not seen for 10 years, got in touch with me through my website. Besides being a wonderful person, she is a mom these days. It turns out that her two year old son, Thomas, was quite taken with some of the photos on my website, and Leeyann asked if I could send her some prints to hang in his bedroom. I was tickled happy by this idea…

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