An American black bear half above and half below the water

Wildlife photography is full of failures, and that is okay

This is a photo of an American black bear checking out a remotely triggered camera in the Great Bear Rainforest. Thanks to Paul Nicklen for technical assistance with this one (i.e. teaching this buffoon the basics of how to use and maintain an underwater housing). There were many, many failures while trying to get this one shot. So many failures. Oh, so many failures…

Charlie Russell sitting next to a grizzly bear in Kamchatka. Photo by Maureen Enns Studios Ltd

Coexistence: Charlie Russell’s legacy

Hunting grizzly bears for sport was banned in British Columbia this April. But this is about a lot more than killing bears. I think it reflects the changing relationship people have with nature. One of the people who has helped push things in this direction is Charlie Russell. Sadly, Charlie died this week.

Steam rising off of a spirit bear in the Great Bear Rainforest

A feeling is worth one thousand photos

It is what we had all hoped for. The bear had accepted our presence and was now perched on a rock mid-stream scanning the creek for salmon. Her white fur was wet from an overnight rain and steam rose from her back in the morning sun. It was like a scene from National Geographic television – only this was live.

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