A grizzly bear standing on a log within an estuary in the Great Bear Rainforest

Dispatch from the Great Bear Rainforest

Twelve years ago I arrived in the Great Bear Rainforest for my first job as a wildlife guide. I was a seasoned field biologist and had spent many seasons over mountains and tundra, but the coast was a whole new world for me. My boat skills were rusty, I knew almost nothing about the ocean and tides – and very little about grizzly bears. But it was not difficult to decipher that I was in a very special place. And it did not take me long to fall in love with it.

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New Gallery: Snake River Yukon

Last summer my partner Heidi and I went on a fabulous three week canoe trip on the Snake River in the Yukon.

The last time I visited the Yukon, I was a much younger man. 18 years younger to be precise. After a season of tree planting in Ontario I was looking for an adventure before university resumed in September. My plan was to paddle 700 km down the Teslin River into the Yukon River to Dawson City by myself…

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Bruce Kirby invites Stephen Harper on a camping trip.

Over the last two decades Bruce Kirby has paddled and hiked in some of the Earth’s most remote places. He has also guided hundreds of people on wilderness trips and written two national bestselling books about his adventures. His breathtaking wilderness images have been published widely and he is a regular columnist with the Globe and Mail.

This Canada Day he invited our Prime Minister to join him for a three day wilderness camping trip…

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green heron

Max Finkelstein and the Talmud of Paddling

I was out jogging in the Ottawa arboretum this afternoon, when I spotted a green heron standing on a log in a small pond trying to eat a frog. I don’t see green herons very frequently, and this one was much more concerned with the frog than with me, so I was able to watch the action at close range. It was a nice surprise since my legs were feeling quite heavy and I was happy for a break from running.

While I stood there a couple dogs came by followed by a guy with his arm in a sling. I pointed out the heron and we fell into conversation. As it turned out, this guy was Max Finkelstein noted canoeist and writer…

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