1. You got some great photos of bears and wolves, but where’s the Wolverines?
    I can’t imagine them being very easy to photograph, given their elusiveness and the remote and cold and bug-infested places where they are found, but no doubt you would have had and taken your best chance to get a great photo of one had you not been stuffing your face with cornbread when that helicopter swooped overhead to ruin everything!
    I bet it still haunts you to this day, just as that huge northern pike I fought with for over 5 heart-pounding minutes (had to be about 40 pounds that one) before it escaped (shook its head and bent my hook straight) still haunts me to this day.

  2. Ha! You’re right Clive. I am still miffed about that helicopter that interrupted that encounter with the only wolverine I have ever seen! Like your monster pike, sometimes there just are no second chances. Thanks for reading

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