About Tim Irvin

Tim Irvin with his camera in the Great Bear Rainforest

Director and head guide at Wildlife Journeys

Pairing his fascination with wildlife and his passion for exploring wild places with others, Tim Irvin founded Wildlife Journeys – a boutique wildlife tour company specializing in bears and wolves of the Great Bear Rainforest. Wildlife Journeys works in collaboration with Marven Robinson of the Gitga’at First Nation.

wildlife guide

Tim has worked as a wildlife guide and naturalist in British Columbia, Alaska and Manitoba. He is certified as a Level 3 bear viewing guide by the Commercial Bear Viewing Association of British Columbia. His expertise as a guide and natural history educator has helped three companies earn distinction as one of the “Best Adventure Travel Companies on Earth,” as named by National Geographic Adventure. His work with coastal grizzly bears appeared on television in Terres d’Exploration and the award-winning series Michaela’s Wild Challenge.

field biology and wildlife conservation

Tim has worked as a field biologist on numerous research projects including large-scale biodiversity surveys in the boreal forest and studies of lynx, marten, songbirds, amphibians and more in remote corners of North America.

Working with the British Columbia Ministry of Environment, Tim facilitated projects between government scientists, stakeholders, and consultants – including collaboration on black bear conflict management, grizzly bear rehabilitation, raptor and non-native species management and regulation of wildlife viewing.


Tim writes about the intersection of marine resource management and indigenous rights for the Central Coast Indigenous Resource Alliance.  He was the editor of Arctic Inspired: A Tribute to the Tundraand has published in explore, Photo Life, the Globe and Mail and elsewhere. He dabbles in blogging.


Tim’s photos have appeared in Canadian Geographic Traveller, The Globe and Mail, Photo Life, Canoe Roots,  and Canadian Geographic’s Best Wildlife Pictures. Other clients include World Wildlife Fund, Offsetters Climate Solutions Inc., the Raincoast Conservation Society, and the Western Canada Wilderness Committee.


Tim has a special fondness for canoes. He has paddled through vast sweeps of wilderness in Canada’s provinces and territories.  These travels include seven and eight-week expeditions in the arctic and in the wilds of the boreal forest.  During a seven-week solo trip in Nunavut, he nearly succumbed to blackflies.

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