1. I have recently thought about writing as something I should take more seriously. I am really looking forward to hearing your thoughts on your journey to become a better writer. Let me know how Banff goes!

  2. An impressive writer, this J.B. MacKinnon (sp?). I read an article recently in Reader’s Digest that was so powerful it may have influenced some basic choices in my life this year. MacKinnon re-inpires the phrase: “The pen is mightier than the sword.”

    He wrote on the bear B741, who astounded scientists with her tenacious swimming trek that inspired Mackinnon to write: “The Polar Bear is capable of survival in the same terms we celebrate in ourselves: Through the will to live.”

    In one phrase he invites the reader to identify with the bear personally, and infuses our futures, the outcome of which science has been warning us about for years, with the tragedy of what is happening to the polar bears today.

    That bear had swum 687.1 km’s without stopping, she had also forfeited the life of her cub to survive.

    One wonders, Is the Polar Bear’s current struggle our futures?

    Powerful writing.

    I wrote you this and thought that I would like you to pass it on to him, since you are colleagues. I could not see any other way to get ahold of him.

    I thought of you because it takes a great writer to recognize one.

    Cheers, Michelle.
    Children’s Dance teacher.

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