The Wolverine Way

I saw a wolverine once. Once. I will count myself lucky if I see another one. Ever.

I also had the pleasure of meeting Doug Chadwick a couple times. And I will count myself lucky if I get to spend more time with him again. Doug is a gem of a guy who just happens to have lived a fascinating life as a long term writer for National Geographic.  Name a place. Name a critter – Doug’s been there, come face to face with it and wrote an engaging story about it.

I haven’t read Doug’s new book The Wolverine Way yet, but it is on order and I am eager to get my hands on it. Doug’s words have a way of seeping through the wall of my chest – plucking my heart strings till they hum with the resonance of adventure, excitement and pure love for this enchanted planet and its critters.

If you love natural history and you haven’t read A Beast the Color of Winter, True Grizz or The Grandest of Lives, then you may want to introduce yourself to Doug’s writing with The Wolverine Way.  When you’re done, you’ll likely go back to read the others.

Check out this video link to whet your appetite. Or just watch the video here:

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