grizzly bear

Dispatch from the Great Bear Rainforest

Twelve years ago I arrived in the Great Bear Rainforest for my first job as a wildlife guide. I was a seasoned field biologist and had spent many seasons over mountains and tundra, but the coast was a whole new world for me. My boat skills were rusty, I knew almost nothing about the ocean and tides – and very little about grizzly bears. But it was not difficult to decipher that I was in a very special place. And it did not take me long to fall in love with it.

Captive wildlife and Canadian Geographic’s Best Wildlife Photos 2012.

Captive wildlife and Canadian Geographic’s Best Wildlife Photos 2012.

For twelve bucks you too can have a copy of this Collector’s Edition. It is a wonderful compilation of Canadian wildlife images, spanning a breadth of beasties from the creepy and crawly, to feathery, furry and toothy. However, you’ll also find photos of captive wildlife in the issue, including the cover shot…

Why we share stories

Recently my old friend Leeyann, whom I had not seen for 10 years, got in touch with me through my website. Besides being a wonderful person, she is a mom these days. It turns out that her two year old son, Thomas, was quite taken with some of the photos on my website, and Leeyann asked if I could send her some prints to hang in his bedroom. I was tickled happy by this idea…