Grizzly bear abstraction

I promise I am not going to go on a kick of posting abstract photos on here.

On this night I was sitting by a river in BC while salmon splashed in the shallows and the last light of the day was fading.  When this bear popped out of the woods and started combing the river for fish, I knew it was too dark to take decent photos.  But I pulled out my camera and took a few shots while panning and zooming in on the bear at the same time as an experiment.  The result was interesting as you’ll see below.  After that I put my camera away.

All too often I have been guiding photographers who never pause long enough from snapping pictures to take in the grandeur of the entire scene around them.  Photos are great. But you miss something if you only look at nature through a tiny rectangular view finder.  I sat and watched that bear scavenging salmon carcasses until it was too dark to see. I only took four pictures that night. It was a fabulous evening.

Soon, I will be heading to the west coast to do some wildlife guiding work with Bluewater Adventures, on their fine sailboat the Island Roamer.  To say that I am looking forward to sailing up fijords, watching grizzlies and humpback whales and walking through mossy rainforests would be, well, extravagantly understated. 

If you want to see some grizzly bear photos that are not blury abstractions go to my grizzly bear photo gallery.

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