Back in the Great Bear Rainforest

I am spending the month of September exploring the central coast of BC, working as a naturalist and soaking in the beauty of the place.  I’ve been at Great Bear Lodge for a week and it seems like I just arrived yesterday. I was hoping to post some photo updates on here, but seeing as our internet connection is very slow – and that I would rather be out exploring the mossy forests than tapping at my keyboard – the photo updates just haven’t happened.

So instead, you’ll have to imagine me clad in rain gear and rubber boots, skulking down bear trails in the rainforest, investigating tracks in the mud, marveling at the old, old trees or setting up my tripod to take another picture.

You may also imagine me pulling up crab traps for dinner, kayaking in a deep fjord or watching salmon writhe in the toothy jaws of grizzlies.

Yesterday’s highlight was climbing high into the arms of Sitka spruce, taking in the view of a coastal estuary from a mossy branch while the dangling lichens gently swayed.

I’m leaving the lodge tomorrow to go work on a sailboat for ten days with Bluewater Adventures in the vicinity of Princess Royal Island – the stronghold of the white Spirit Bear.  After that, I’ll be back here at the Lodge for a while and I will do my best to update this blog then.

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