female grizzly bear chasing a chum salmon in the Great Bear Rainforest

View From My Office Today

Today was a good day. The kind of day that can make a guy feel pretty darn lucky to be a bear guide. As far as jobs go, it is a good gig.

I know I waxed all eloquent about rain in my last post. And it is all true. But there is a place for sun. Especially for action shots of things like grizzlies chasing salmon.

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  1. Best to you my kindred spirit!! Thanks for keeping the humans connected to our primal selves. Without rain there is no myst. And without myst there is no mystery. and without mystery there are no orcs, it is the rain that keeps it all alive….. Thanks for the share and do call. I accept bear barks, eagle screeches, wolf howls, and the welcoming sounds of strong gusts of wind.~ you can leave the orcs in the myst…Michael in Maine PS November referendum vote to eliminate bear baiting and treeing and shooting with hounds. Do a dance to spirit bear for success of this vote.

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