Wilderness canoeing in Quebec

New Gallery – Coulonge River, Quebec.

I am finally getting around to updating this website, including the addition of new galleries.  This one, featuring photos from a canoe trip on the Coulonge River in Quebec, is the first, but there will be more so check back again sometime soon.

1 thought on “New Gallery – Coulonge River, Quebec.”

  1. Stunning shots!

    Roddy say’s you look wet and cold, but that you’re that kind of guy that isn’t even bothered when he’s wet and cold. I told him he’s right – you are that type of guy, and when I would get wet and cold and miserable and complain about it you wouldn’t put up with me. And that’s how I’ve come to be the coolest (cousin of Tim) in the world.

    By the way, I’m very dry. And very comfortable.

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