The Spruce Lake Protected Area

If you live in British Columbia, or you are just visiting, I recommend spending some time in this place:

Spruce Lake Protected area

If you go there and you are bored, it’s your fault.

I went to the Spruce Lake Protected Area about this time last year for a hiking trip with Hugh, before I moved to Ontario. I know, I am a little slow posting this on here.  But, it was a great adventure – hiking along high ridges of multi-coloured scree, gaping at the views.

Just getting there is even fun. Driving north from Whilster, things always get interesting. You don’t even have to leave the main road. Just keep driving towards Lillooet and you’re in for a treat. It gets even better if you keep heading north after that. But if you turn west to hike in the hills, you’ll get to travel winding mountain roads and get views like this:

And that is before you even get to the trailhead.

Some day I will go back in the spring to take photos and hike amongst the flourish of alpine flowers. I write this here so I don’t forget. It would be a shame to miss out on that.

4 thoughts on “The Spruce Lake Protected Area”

  1. Stunning, Tim. I’m not bored but when I am this place is on the list now. I’ve driven the road from Lillooet to Whistler – now I’m inspired to hike all this.

  2. I do enjoy the manner in which you have presented this difficulty plus it does give me a lot of fodder for consideration. Anyway, thank you for this fantastic piece.

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