Great Bear Rainforest

So many failures

An American black bear half above and half below the water

This photo is a screenshot of an American black bear checking out a remotely triggered camera in the Great Bear Rainforest.

Thanks to @paulnicklen for technical assistance with this one (i.e. teaching this buffoon the basics of how to use and maintain an underwater housing). There were many, many, many failures while trying to get this one shot. So many failures. Oh, so many failures.

But getting photos is not really the point. Rather, I am just hopelessly enamoured by the beauty of this earth and the Great Bear Rainforest, in particular. Taking photos is just another way to explore and appreciate it all.

May the forests and ocean always be able to sustain this bear and the innumerable other creatures and ecosystems support each other here.

Stay tuned. At some point, I’ll show you the video this screenshot was taken from. I think you’ll like it…

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