The head of a male spirit, or Kermode, bear visible among the trees within the forest

The winner of our spirit bear tour giveaway is…

Are you nervous?  Excited? On the edge of your seat?

You should be.  This is awesome. I’m about to give somebody a trip to the Great Bear Rainforest to see a spirit bear for half price. Wow!

But before I tell you who won, I want to explain how we chose the winner in the name of full transparency.

It was a 16-step process as follows:

  1. Each of you entered your name in a little box on my website and pressed enter, and then…
  2. Your name zipped through a labyrinth of wires and wifi signals and who-knows-what kind of technological wizardry to arrive on my screen.
  3. Using a 3D printer a uniquely shaped piece of solid gold was created with your name embedded into it.
  4. This gold piece was carried on a velvet cushion, by yours truly, to my family’s living room, while my kids watched in wide-eyed wonder (and my wife tapped her foot nervously).
  5. Your chunk of gold was placed in a very particular place among all the other names and pieces.
  6. As the contest entries accumulated so did the gold in my living room until….
  7. They took the shape of a solid gold life-sized spirit bear adorned with all your names. Amazing!
  8. My kids loved it. My wife was not so sure. We started locking our door.
  9. Then, my three-year old son and I invented a randomization machine, which looks exactly like this:
  11. The golden bear was disassembled and each piece was fed into this ingenious contraption that was specifically programmed to randomly select a winner from all the names that were entered into our contest.
  12. And then…and then…AND THEN….the machine broke.
  13. We fixed it.
  14. With the repairs completed, I cued the band. In anticipation I broke out in a nervous sweat and pressed “start” on the machine. The band played faster and faster as the machine churned away. The music reached a frenzied pitch, and just as the last note was played the winning name popped out of the machine.
  15. And it was me.
  16. No, not really.  The winner is….

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Yes, I realize this is a polar bear – but check out those moves!

Congratulations Jonas!! I will be in touch with you to make arrangements.

Thanks to everybody else who joined in the contest. Please stay tuned for more stories and updates from the Great Bear Rainforest and beyond.

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