1. In simple terms, no one has yet died from Climate Change. Until there is a direct correlation between the concept of climate change (an abstract concept that even climate change insiders only partially understand) and the demise of the things that we hold dear, people will continue to believe the things that re-enforce their current way of life.

    The other problem is that treatment for the cancer of climate change = completely transforming almost every aspect of life that we hold to be normal. Think democracy, economy, family, health care, recreation, travel, worldly pleasures, etc. etc. Almost everything requires change…which is larger than most people can grasp.

    It is unfathomable how far and wide the change is that is needed. Take health care for example. Health Care is one of the most wasteful and carbon producing sectors of our society? Cancer diagnosis and treatment is dependent upon radioactive isotopes of which there is a very limited supply. Some day we will run out and yet we continue to spend that limited resource on extending the life of a 90 year old by 3 years.

    Take travel. One of the most significant causes of climate change is peoples continued use of airplanes and automobiles to make recreational trips around the world. Even David Suzuki flies to Australia regularly to visit family. Who among us would be willing to give up visiting loved ones for the sake of the abstract concept of climate change.

    Finally, think of other times when huge problems have faced humanity. Ozone layer, world wars, economic crises. Who solved the problem? Was it the individual? Nope. Government stepped in and saved the day. When faced with huge problems, people tend to think “If it is such a big deal, then government would be doing something about it”. But governments continue to be unwilling to sacrifice themselves on the political alter to force action that will get us to where we need to go and in fact are incapable of doing so.

    This is just personal opinion, but I am leaning towards the perspective that the only salvation this planet can hope for is that the carrying capacity that sustains humans will force a crash in human civilization before we are able to destroy the potential that this planet has to sustain complex life.

    I know…I am so cheerful!

  2. Mark, I’m not sure if you’re still following this thread, but I’m just wondering how it is that you know that people haven’t died from climate change?

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