Climate Change, Science and Integrity – Must Read

In May of this year, the journal Science published this short must read article by a collection of preeminent scientists.  With all the turmoil that has been spun recently about climate change and scientific integrity, this article cuts to the bone of how science works,  what it is telling us about the Earth’s changing climate and why climate action is needed. Now.

It only takes about three minutes to read this article.  I think that is three minutes well spent.

4 thoughts on “Climate Change, Science and Integrity – Must Read”

  1. Thank you for this – great find! Hey, did you notice how freakishly similar their favicon is to the favicon on my blog? Not that this shallow tidbit has any relevance or earthly significance. I will read this article.

  2. I keep thinking about this punchy little analogy, from

    What East Anglia’s E-mails Really Tell Us About Climate Change

    “Outspoken critics often portray climate science as a house of cards, built on a shaky edifice of limited data and broad suppositions. However, it’s more realistic to think of the science as a deck of cards, spread out, face up. Some data and interpretations of those data are more certain than others, of course. But pulling out one or two interpretations, or the results of a few scientists, does not change the overall picture. Take away two or three cards, and there are still 49 or 50 cards facing you.”

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