Author: Tim Irvin

Tim Irvin is a naturalist and guide, and the Director of Wildlife Journeys, a wildlife tourism company that leads expeditions in the Great Bear Rainforest.

On salmon and screen savers

Bruised and battered from making its way to its birthplace-cum-spawning-grounds, this Chum Salmon looks kinda gnarly. But when the picture appeared on my screen it evoked vivid memories for me. It drew me back to the magic and excitement of traipsing around the rainforest in rubber boots; of standing alone in a river, taking photos of salmon while keeping watch for grizzly bears.

I got a letter from Farley Mowat today

I got a letter from Farley Mowat today

Occasionally, when I read a book that I really like I write to the author and tell them so. This has led to some great interactions with authors that I admire.

So after reading Farley Mowat’s most recent book, Otherwise, I jotted down a few words to express my gratitude for the book and explain how and why the stories in the book moved me. Then I got ready to put the letter in the mail. Except this time I did things a little differently.