Embracing mystery

A female spirit bear with a pink salmon in it's mouth in the Great Bear Rainforest

One of the things that fascinates me about nature is all the things we don’t know. There is still so much mystery out there. As my Dad likes to say “ there are more questions than answers.” I suppose I studied ecology because all those questions about nature and wildlife just felt so intriguing and I wanted to explore them more deeply..

The pursuit of a mystery is compelling. At that point in a journey anything seems possible. By comparison, a complete and tidy answer has less spark.

What are the boundaries of this bear’s home range? Where does she hibernate and what are her favourite spring and summer haunts before the returning salmon draw her back to her favourite salmon stream each fall? Nobody knows. And I have no intention of trying to find out. We don’t always need answers. Some mysteries are best left alone.

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