Great Bear Rainforest

Salmon, spirit bears and Ma’ah.

A spirit bear standing on a rock in the Great Bear Rainforest

This is Ma’ah. Her name means grandmother in the language of the local Tsimshian First Nations language. She is perhaps 18 years old, and she is a really special bear. Not only has Ma’ah graced the cover of National Geographic for Paul Nicklen’s 2011 spirit bear story, but, somehow, being in her presence puts one at peace. It is a gift to spend time with her.

Lucky for her there was a good berry crop on the coast this year, because there were very, very few pink salmon in the river valley where she likes to fish each fall.  Salmon are such an important part of the ecosystems Ma’ah inhabits, it was very distressing to see so few fish return this season. But salmon numbers are known to fluctuate – sometimes drastically – over time.  And, Mother Nature can also be extremely resilient. So fingers crossed the salmon bounce back from this poor year. I’ve seen it happen before.

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