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Nick Acheson’s Big Cat Quest

Nick Acheson's Big Cat Quest

Nick Acheson's Big Cat QuestNick Acheson is spending 2015 in pursuit of all the big cats in the world.  He calls this monumental project the Big Cat Quest. Over the course of this year Nick is travelling the globe to see and write about things like lions, leopards, jaguars and tigers, but also some less common kitties like bay cats, golden and flat-headed cats.  Already this year he has visited Tanzania, India and Borneo and he is just getting started.

Nick is a superb naturalist who has led natural history tours in innumerable countries. He is also the former winner of the Bird Brain of Britain competition. But more importantly, he is a wonderful human being with tremendous wit and an unrelenting gift of the gab.

Nick Acheson leading a tour
Nick Acheson (facing camera) with our group of shutterbugs in the Great Bear Rainforest


I had the pleasure of co-leading a Naturetrek trip with him last fall in the Great Bear Rainforest. Among the highlights of this trip was the creation of the International Bluewater Hand Signals for Wildlife. We also had some exciting encounters with grizzly bears and whales, and even had the good fortune of spotting mother and cub spirit bears.

You can follow Nick’s adventures by Twitter  and on his Blog.  I’m learning something new with every post. You can learn more about the story behind Nick’s quest here and on his t.v. appearance on the Mustard Show.




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