Bruce Kirby invites Stephen Harper on a camping trip.

Over the last two decades Bruce Kirby has paddled and hiked in some of the Earth’s most remote places.  He has also guided hundreds of people on wilderness trips and written two national bestselling books about his adventures.  His breathtaking wilderness images have been published widely and he is a regular columnist with the Globe and Mail.

This Canada Day he invited our Prime Minister to join him for a three day wilderness camping trip – to help Mr. Harper get away from the strain of his demanding job, while also giving him a glimpse of the remarkable wilderness resources that he is ultimately responsible for managing on behalf of all Canadians.  Considering Mr. Harpers cozy relationship with large companies intent on extracting the natural resources that abound in our beautiful places, it seems fitting that he should also be given an opportunity to experience and enjoy the wild for himself.

As one of our country’s premier wilderness guides, Bruce has generously offered to treat Mr. Harper and his family to an unforgettable wilderness experience, at his own expense.  What kind of fool would refuse such a generous offer?

Over to you Mr. Harper.



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