David Suzuki’s top 10 sustainable seafood choices

Seafood. The very thought of it twists my gut into a knot of conflict. My recollection of eating an exquisite teriyaki Chinook salmon on a sailboat in British Columbia, collides with my knowledge that we are mining the ocean for the last of its large fish, as seen in this vivid gallery.

David Suzuki’s top 10 sustainable seafood choices should be welcomed by seafood lovers with a conscience.  Suzuki’s list is like a quick and dirty version of the Sea Choice Seafood Guide.

For some dialogue that describes the gallery above, read this short interview with Dr. Loren McClenachan of Simon Fraser University.  If you want a more in-depth narrative to follow about seafood, I recommend Bottom Feeder by Taras Grescoe, which has a lengthy list of awards to its credit.  An excerpt on Grescoe’s website reads:

Just when opting for omega-3-rich seafood is being recognized as one of the healthiest dietary choices a person can make, the news seems to be full of stories about mercury-laden tuna, shrimp contaminated with antibiotics, and collapsing fish stocks. In a world of endangered cod, pirate-caught Chilean sea bass, and sea-lice-infested salmon, can we really continue to order the catch of the day in good conscience?

Taking a serious look at this question took Grescoe a couple years and an entire book.  But, the short answer may be yes, if you only eat seafood on Suzuki’s top 10 list.

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  1. Another good resource is the “Seafood Watch” iPhone app, by the Monterey Bay Aquarium. Useful in the grocery store aisle.

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