Almost accepted into the Banff Centre

A few weeks ago I applied for the Mountain Writing residency at the Banff Centre. A stint at this beautiful place would be an amazing opportunity to focus on developing my writing muscles for a month, while benefiting from working with experienced writers and editors. I am sure it would be really challenging, but if I’m going to be challenged it might as well be in a setting like Banff.

Anyhow, I heard back from them today. In part, this is what they said:

Thank you for your application to the Mountain Writing program here at The Banff Centre. Your application has been adjudicated and I’m pleased to announce that you have been WAITLISTED for entry into the program! Congratulations on this important achievement.

That is certainly the most enthusiastic semi-denial I have ever received.  They called it an achievement. It actually made me feel good about not getting into the program.

I wonder what they say to the people who actually were accepted?  Maybe I’ll find out if somebody else drops out.

Fingers crossed…

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