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  1. hello
    I would like to point out that the following statement is untrue “Better yet, it doesn’t take any special training to use the stuff safely, unlike guns. Not to mention, that nobody (bear, nor human) dies when people use bear spray.”
    There are people toxically allergic to Capsium products and yes bear spray will kill them. I’ve come across too many scared people in the bush with pepper spray canisters held in itchy trigger finger hands that would be better off carrying a sound deterrent in their hands. People figure bear spray will keep them safe, well my bet is some are so scared they will fire the spray the wrong way and it will be of no use.

  2. Hey Tess, good point about how some people are allergic to bear spray. I’ve also seen some bad situations with bear spray. That said, I thank my lucky stars that these situations were not with guns.

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