My first magazine article

I’ve been thinking about writing articles for years.

In that time I’ve done a lot of thinking and precious little writing. I have also stockpiled a long list of story ideas, and that list keeps growing – almost daily.  There are just so many fascinating ideas and stories to explore. Unfortunately, I haven’t gotten around to writing very many of them.

So, this winter I signed up for a non-fiction writing course at a Algonquin College in Ottawa to give my writing a kick start.

The course was rather disappointing. The teacher had a wealth of writing experience, but was not very adept at class facilitation and teaching. Nonetheless, he was great cheerleader – always reassuring us that we could become published writers.

I have now submitted three proposals for articles to three different Canadian magazines – Alternatives Journal, Explore, and Outdoor Photography Canada. My plan is to submit two each week, but I have only succeeded at that once so far.

Nonetheless, I am very pleased to say that Explore magazine has accepted my article!

It will be a short 400 word piece about the the status of grizzly bears in Alberta.  Yes, I know, 400 words is pretty small potatoes, but it is a start.



  1. You’re a star! Save the article and tack it up on the wall somewhere. Then watch as the wall starts filling with your words and photos. Someday you’ll have to buy a bigger a house with more walls :-)

  2. No no start with the fridge because its a little bit smaller and it will really look like your homework is coming along! Oh and put a nice big gold star on it!

    Let me know when it comes out as I want to put one on my fridge too (and no that was not sarcastic).

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